Leah Rubin Shen

Up-goer summary: “I study things that help us use power when we need it. These things are good because using them does not make the world warmer. I am trying to make new stuff that will be used in these things that help us use power. The stuff I study is better than other stuff because it is easier to move around. But we do not understand very well how this stuff acts when it is placed into the things that help us use power. We want the stuff to act one way, but sometimes it does something else, so we need to use other stuff to help the stuff act the right way. I try lots of different types of stuff to see which stuff works the best to give us power. I also work with friends who study the stuff to see if it will make us sick or make trees and animals sick. After my after college college, I am going to work in an important place and tell important people things so they will have good ideas about power and trees and animals and people not being sick.”

Leah Rubin Shen is a sixth year student in the College of Chemistry. She works on catalysts for electrochemical dehydrogenation.

Good Green Idea Recommendation:
“I’m excited by the research people are doing to try and harvest energy from wastewater. Wastewater contains so much organic carbon and other nutrients, and being able to generate energy from that and reclaim some of the nutrients has promise for all kinds of issues – fertilization needs and restoring nutrient balance in soils, preventing eutrophication, and of course being able to offset some of the energy used to treat the water in the first place.”


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