Cecilia Han Springer

Up-goer summary:
“I’m interested in new ways to understand how mining things sometimes hurts the air we live in and breathe. I want to study far away places where many things are made, before they are sent here to us. If we say things must be made cleaner in one place, how can we make sure the people who make these things don’t go to another, freer place? I plan to find and use numbers in several ways to answer this question.”

Cecilia Springer is a second year PhD student in the in the Energy and Resources Group. She’s finding innovative ways to assess the carbon and air pollution emissions associated with hard commodity supply chains, primarily fossil fuels and metals. Her geographic focus is Asia, where many global supply chains begin. “I aim to combine resource economics and life cycle assessment methods to evaluate trade and production in Asia,” she says. “How can we regulate emissions-intensive production without causing companies to relocate to unregulated regions?” Her current research topics include the China-Indonesia coal trade, and aluminum production in China.

Good Green Ideas Recommendations:
My favorite recent innovation in green energy is a policy innovation – in China, government officials are increasingly being evaluated based on their environmental track record (and not just their economic performance). Now officials who fail to stop pollution could have a stain on their record…for life!
News story on new policy


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